13th International Science Conference
Diagnostics of Processes and Systems
10-13 September 2017, Sandomierz, Poland


DI GALITZYANER KLEZMORIM (in Yiddish means "Galician musicians") was founded in 1996 and has been playing in the current composition since 1998. The activity of the band is largely related to Kazimierz – the former Jewish dictrict of Cracow. The repertoire consists of their own arrangements of traditional Jewish melodies, songs and dances from Central- Eastern Europe, the United States and Israel. The band has taken part in many cultural events, both in the country and abroad; he was honored with the prize Regio-Förderpreis für Musik, as a result, joining the laureates of European Music Prize.

DI GALITZYANER KLEZMORIM create: Mariola Śpiewak - clarinet, Grzegorz Śpiewak - accordion, Rafał Seweryniak – contrabass (they all are graduates of the Academy of Music in Cracow).