13th International Science Conference
Diagnostics of Processes and Systems
10-13 September 2017, Sandomierz, Poland

Submission rules and paper format

  • All submissions will be handled on-line with the conference web page.
  • Prepared paper must be submitted by the author or co-author who must be a registered Conference participant.
  • Each participant can submit one paper as part of the conference fee. If the Conference participant submits more than one paper, the conference fee is increased by 180 EUR for each additional paper, which is not associated with the conference fee payed by one of the co-authors.
  • To make a submission one must send a full version of the paper in the PDF format. It must be prepared strictly according to the required format.
  • The papers can be written in English (preferred) or in Polish.
  • Papers should not exceed 12 A4 pages (according to required format).
  • Papers, that upon request of the authors, will be published only in electronic version of Conference proceedings, may exceed the limit of pages.
  • There will be standard 20 minutes (with questions) available for oral presentation during the Conference debates.
  • Submitted paper will be reviewed. The Scientific Committee, based on received reviews, will make a final decision about paper acceptance or rejection.

Paper final version and publication conditions

  • Accepted paper must be corrected according to reviewer’s comments and uploaded in the proper time on the Conference server (menu "My papers" available after login).
  • Each accepted paper has to be presented by one of the authors at the conference and must be accompanied by a registration fee.
  • According to the language of the paper they will be assigned to English or Polish sessions. The lectures on English sessions must be prepared and given in English.

Instructions for authors

  • Papers must be prepared according to Springer instructions for authors for the AICS book series (see Instructions for authors on SpringerNature's proceedings website).
  • It is mandatory to use the LNCS LaTeX or MS Word tamplate for paper final versions.
  • The autor will have to upload both pdf version and source files (doc or compressed zip with LaTeX files) of the paper final version.
  • Furthermore, the authors have to complete and sign a copyright form (Springer consent to publish). It is sufficient if one author from each contribution signs the form on behalf of all the other authors. The authors can send the form either by regular mail, by fax or include a scanned copyrigth form in the final files during submission.
  • Please take into account that authors should obtain permissions from the previous publisher for any material they want to reuse (Permission request form).