13th International Science Conference
Diagnostics of Processes and Systems
10-13 September 2017, Sandomierz, Poland

Conference scope

International Science and Technology Conference on Diagnostics of Processes and Systems is organized since 1996 by the Warsaw University of Technology, University of Zielona Góra and Gdansk University of Technology. The conference is an excellent forum for the exchange of knowledge and experiences among professionals representing different scientific background (automatic control, information technology, mechanical, electrical and biomedical engineers) in the field of diagnostics.

The significant objective of the conference is the integration of academic society with the industry engineers that are involved in the problems of diagnostics, supervision and safety of industrial processes and systems. The conference makes the opportunity to present achievements in the field of diagnostic methods and exploitation experiences. It also gives the possibility to define theoretical and practical problems.

Conference topics

  • Theoretical basis of diagnostics of processes and systems
  • Fault modeling and simulation
  • Methods of fault detection, isolation and identification using:
    • mathematical modeling
    • parameter identification and state estimation
    • qualitative models
    • statistical signal processing
    • fuzzy logic and rough sets
    • expert systems
    • neural networks
  • Supervision and diagnostic systems
  • Fault tolerant automatic control systems
  • Safety and cybersecurity of industrial processes and systems
  • Industrial applications: electrical engineering, power systems, chemistry, material manufacturing, etc.
  • Applications in medicine

The Conference DPS'2017 range of topics corresponds, in general, to the subject areas of the IFAC Symposium on Fault Detection, Supervision and Safety for Technical Processes - SAFEPROCESS. This symposium is organized since 1991 under the patronage of International Federation of Automatic Control - IFAC.